Symbol Sciences, Inc.

Symbol Sciences, Inc. (SSci) is a hardware provider and solutions oriented company dealing in full service distribution and integration of automatic identification and data collection systems, and enterprise mobility.  SSci maintains a competent staff of sales, systems development, and engineering personnel with more than 100 man-years of experience in bar code data collection and mobile and wireless computing.

Organized in 1993 by a group of professionals with more than 150 man-years of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experience, SSci is headed by Conrado M. Dayrit III, who pioneered the promotion of bar code technology in the Philippines in 1987 when he founded Scanning Technologies of the Phils. (SCANTEK), and in 1989 headed the bar code division of Mega Data Corp. which was later spun-off as Symbol Sciences, Inc.  SSci has gained its core expertise and experience in automatic identification technology and mobile and wireless computing from its solid record of over twenty years in the industry.

It is our goal to provide the customer with the means to make them more competitive and efficient through the proper utilization of solutions, both hardware and software in the fields of automated data capture, mobile computing and wireless technologies with the goal of increasing their overall effectiveness and profitability. In other words, we help companies with their problems so that they can spend their time focusing on their customers.

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