Services We Offer

Consulting and System Integration

We offer consulting services for projects involving data capture and process computing as well as conducting design studies on proposed process improvements and integration of new solutions to existing legacy systems.

Project Management

For when you don't have a team to lead your IT integration, installation and/or service deployment our company can provide a knowledgeable and capable team to help develop and deploy your IT requirements.

Event Data-Process Service

Be it online and/or on-site registration, post-event data collection, surveys and/or integration with other event-related systems such as raffles and the like, we can provide both customized programs as well as supplies and manpower to meet your event-specific data requirements.

Software Development and Programming

Our software development team is capable of developing custom software that is tailored to your specific operational requirements and processes. We also develop software on RF and Batch mobile handheld terminals, back-end systems as well as bar code printing software.

Maintenance Contracts and Service Calls

Our company can provide Preventive Maintenance Contracts and Enhanced Maintenance Contracts during warranty period for the hardware we carry. We also do per-call based-services for installations, configurations and troubleshooting.

Printing and VerifiCation Service

We can provide pre-printed labels of various sizes and specifications for a client's inventory requirements.  For commercial printers, we can also provide print-quality verification service for companies whose clients require certification of readability for their bar codes.

Service Inquiry

If you would like to inquire with us regarding any service we currently (or can) provide, you can contact us below.

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